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Entrepreneurial Passion

Entrepreneurial passion is experienced through strong emotions and motivations that are intertwined closely with an individual’s entrepreneurial identity and originates from engagement with self-defining activities over time.


It is exciting to figure out new ways to solve unmet market needs that can be commercialized. ​

Searching for new ideas for products/services to offer is enjoyable to me​.

I am motivated to figure out how to make existing products/services better​.

Scanning the environment for new opportunities really excites me​.

Inventing new solutions to problems is an important part of who I am​.


Establishing a new company excites me.​

Owning my own company energizes me.​

Nurturing a new business through its emerging success is enjoyable. ​

Being the founder of a business is an important part of who I am.


I really like finding the right people to market my product/service to​.

 Assembling the right people to work for my business is exciting.​

Pushing my employees and myself to make our company better motivates me.​

Nurturing and growing companies is an important part of who I am.​

To ensure proper attribution of the questions used in our assessment, please note the following sources:

Question 1-13: Cardon, M. S.; Gregoire, D. A.; Stevens, C. E.; Patel, P. C. (2013). Measuring entrepreneurial passion: Conceptual foundations and scale validation. Journal of Business Venturing, 28(3), 373-396.​

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