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Entrepreneurial Behaviour

A set of behaviours that an individual exhibits which allows them to proacticely innovate oand/or be ristaking upon existing ideas to market a product or service effectively in a competitive market.

Organisational Level

My firm has marketed many new lines of products or services in the past five years (or since its establishment).

In dealing with its competitors, my firm typically responds to actions which competitors initiate​.

In dealing with its competitors, my firm is very often the first business to introduce new products/services, administrative techniques, operating technologies, etc.​

In general, the top managers of my firm have a strong proclivity for low-risk projects (with normal and certain rates of return)​.

When confronted with decision-making situations involving uncertainty, my firm typically adopts a cautious, “wait-and-see” posture in order to minimize the probability of making costly decisions​.

Team Level

Members of our team quickly master new routines, procedures, and new ways of working​.

Members of our team always actively assist internal clients, not only when they are asked or approached to do so​.

Our team members are constantly looking for new ways to improve their performance at the job​.

Our team members appreciate new plans and ideas, even if they feel that they could fail in practice​.

In order to be more productive, our team members sometimes act without my permission as their supervisor​.

Individual Level

I am willing to invest a lot of time and/or money on something that might yield a high return​.

I often like to try new and unusual activities that are not typical but not necessarily risky​.

I prefer to try my own unique way when learning new things rather than doing it like everyone else does​.

I usually act in anticipation of future problems, needs or changes​.

I prefer to “step-up” and get things going on projects rather than sit and wait for someone else to do it​.

To ensure proper attribution of the questions used in our assessment, please note the following sources:

Question 1-5: Covin, J. G.; Wales, W. J. (2012). The Measurement of Entrepreneurial Orientation. Entrepreneurship theory and practice, 36(4), 677-702.​

For reasons of simplicity question 1 has been adjusted to fit the scale. Original question: How many new lines of products or services has your firm marketed in the past five years (or since its establishment)?

Question 6-10: Wójcik-Karpacz, A.; Kraus, S.; Karpacz, J. (2022). Examining the relationship between team-level entrepreneurial orientation and team performance. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 28(9), 1-30.​

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